Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 6 - One Month Since Diagnosis

Happy dance for me for getting through the most insane month of my life! Thank you again to some in particular who went above and beyond to make this mess bearable and at times funny.

So much of my time the past 22 days in the hospital has been spent with my family, particularly my mom. So of course they are now my primary source for entertainment. My dad visits almost daily with the exception of this week since he's taking care of car repairs. My dad isn't very domesticated, but has been charged with doing laundry and getting things prepared for me to come home.From what I hear he is quite proud of his recent knowledge of laundry and his ability to tidy up. Big help to me and Mike, of course!

He is notorious to us (at least in the time he's been down here) for shooting off detailed emails throughout the day. This is also in part because my parents don't have but one cell phone, and it's a pay as you go. So we're stuck trying to figure things out in the most complicated way possible at times. Anyway, the day he sent me 15 emails (granted there was a car crisis occurring that day, but still). But these aren't just little emails, they're paragraphs upon paragraphs. Let me share with you an excerpt, this is one of 8 paragraphs about his day:
Dad <3 Chicken
"Decided I could not pass up the urge to eat Ya-Ya's flame broiled chicken once again- they did away with the lemon juice dip years ago (your mom ate it once, vowed she would never go back).  Satisfied my urge- ate 4 pieces- leg, wing, two breasts of chicken.  Stopped at Publix to pick up the frozen salmon, per mom's orders. Also bought a paper."

Thank you Dad, I wasn't aware it was "flame broiled" either. Oh god, he kills me. I love him and my mom.

Random note: If anyone is planning to send anything else to the hospital please do not. I am nearing the 30 day period and results can change quick they tell me so who knows when I get out. Thanks!!


  1. As verbose as your dad is in email he should be the one thinking about starting his own blog!
    I sure hope you get home soon...won't it be strange not to be woken every four hours? Your own bed I'm sure will do wonders..

  2. Its so funny my grandma does the same thing like she writes her emails in bullet points or something. Its very matter of fact and to the point lol oh family members <3