Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week 23 - Home Again

Well, after 4 days of being at the hospital they released me the day after Christmas. Last week and this weekend were one of the most draining periods I've been through since the beginning. The side effects from the latest treatment combined with how totally non-existent my immune system is made my life pretty much a living hell. I was eventually taken out of the critical area into another room where Mike could spend Xmas Eve and Xmas day with me around the clock. I'm still pretty wiped but I'm very slowly recovering. One of my friends prepared dinner for us as soon as we got home. It was the NICEST thing someone could have done without having to say "what do you want". They just did it. I just love her so much for helping us.

Anyhow, I am bummed I missed Christmas but I suppose I got my fill in the many weeks beforehand. So since it's after Christmas I can finally share our card on here since most people have received them.
Again thank you to everyone for all your well wishes. I really appreciate it so much.

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