Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 34 - Recovering at Home

I'm so over this whole headache thing I'm not going to write much about the hospital because I'm a bit traumatized by everything that's gone wrong lately. I think the blood patch half worked. So I am still on pain meds and now a steroid because they think I had some swelling along the injection site. Well let's just say taking prednisone and codone was like drinking 4 cups of coffee and taking 2 shots of vodka (I don't know how I came up with that figure, but I'm quite sure it equates to that experience). My mom was looking at me like "wtf did you just take speed or something?" I know you read this blog, so it's not my fault the steroid makes you jittery Mom!!! Hah!

In my attempt to settle down from that I started watching the first episode of Mad Men and will return to it shortly after this post. I guess I'm like an Ad "Wo"Man and feel I somehow could relate to the swanky NY ad agency world seeing as I work in Ad/Marketing (who am I kidding) and I love 50's style so this seems up my ally, or at least my aunt says. But one thing I notice is they smoke way too damn much on it. Pukesgiving!!

So last week when I was getting the massive transfusion of platelets the Arts In Medicine program stopped by the infusion rooms, which I've never seen before considering I'm like totally VIP there. This very lovely lady taught my mom and I how to make origami cranes. I definitely need to look a tutorial up so I can make a mobile for my room. Also there was Judy one of my old nurses, you may recall she was the first nurse who gave me freedom from Johnny 5 (the IV Machine). She plays the harp too I never mentioned. So she just played for about an hour while we caught up and did the craft. It was so nice! And definitely helped the hour pass quicker.
Thanks to all my friends lately for the encouraging texts, emails, messages. It's been rough, but I swear the support helps! I'm quite bummed since I got home yesterday, Mike thinks he might be getting sick so he stood outside the apartment as my dad handed him a night bag to stay at his buddies apartment for the next two days. He stopped by again today at the door to pick up more clothes. Kind of goofy saying "hi" and "bye" after you haven't seen or spent time with each other in a week. For the next week I'm still taking it easy just laying around the house and doing minimal activity. Which means I'll have way too much time to browse for summer and spring clothes online.

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